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INVT attended Electricity Exhibition Elecrama 2018 in India
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INVT has joined showcases at Elecrama 2018 at the India Expo Mart in Uttar Pradesh State of India from March 10-14. So far, the Elecrama has officially come to an end, which covered 80,000 square meters and attracted over 1000 exhibitors from 60 countries and territories who brought various products, including machines, technology equipment and solutions for electricity production, transmission, distribution as well as electronics, renewable energy, automobile electricity, power storage and railway electricity.

INVT as a leading company in industry automation, has made good advantage of its localization operations and its reliable products to showcase in the Elecrama 2018. Many automation companies also participated in this Elecrama as like Delta, ABB, CG, L& T, Siemens, Panasonic, Hitachi, AMTECH, Danfoss etc. Since our booth was at a prime location in Hall No. 3, we have been in the spotlight, attracting various customers’ attention.
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In the five-day exhibition, customers from Egypt, Sri Lanka and India interacted with INVT innovative & products. In ELECRAMA 2018, INVT presented a wide gamut of electrical equipment and reliable solutions. INVT displayed its general-purpose inverter, including GD10, GD20, GD100, CHF100A, GD35 and GD300, which can be widely used in industrial equipment such as construction machinery, food processing equipment, conveyors, printing presses, fans, and pumps.
solar power 3 phase inverter
Many our competitors as like Delta, CG, L&T etc also visited at our Booth and tried to know more about our products family for General Purpose, Solar Pump drive as well as Elevator drive.
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In Elecrama 2018, INVT has exchanged ideas with our competitors, maintained existing customers and expanded the new market. Thanks for all clients who visited us at the booth. It is a huge success in the exhibition.
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