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The Belt and Road Speeds Up the Cooperation between INVT and Myanmar
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More than four years have passed since China formally introduced the “Belt and Road Initiative” (BRI). So far, Myanmar emerging as a key component and increasing influence Myanmar is having on BRI. As a leading national company in industry automation, INVT, which has entered the market of Myanmar for a long time, witnessed opportunities and challenges based on its previous projects and experience in this region. In the past four years, after the introduction of BRI, we have witnessed a massive inflow of Chinese investment, loans, and projects into this country, which includes the project of the application of INVT medium voltage inverter in the cement mill.  

Let’s review the development of INVT business in Myanmar and the cooperation between INVT and Myanmar local partners.

Milestones of business development
Starting from 2007, INVT entered the market of Myanmar with only small sale volume. After 11 years, the increase rate of the sale has been up to 9000%. The development of INVT in Myanmar has grown from strength to strength, still forging strong partnerships among this region.

Successful Big Projects in Myanmar
In the past decade, we have successful projects with local partners in various industries. The application of INVT GD5000 MV inverter on exhaust fan in the Cement factory can be highlighted.

Exhaust fans perform two basic functions i.e., supply of air or removal of exhaust gases and material handling, playing a key performance on the cement mill. With the technological advance, the application of ac drive on exhaust fan can greatly save energy consumption.
servo motor system
(Dust exhaust system)
INVT GD5000 MV inverter applied to exhaust fan in a cement factory, whose average production of cement capacity is about 2000 tons/day, in Myanmar, increasing the lifetime of motor, saving plenty of maintenance costs and saving approximately 40% energy.
servo controller
(GD5000 MV inverter)

The Story Behind the cooperation
INVT has been cooperating with our local partner in Myanmar, who mainly selling general purpose inverter, for more than 10 years.

INVT and our partner have been endeavoring to expand the new customers to ensure the marketing share of the company increased steadily in the industry. They always develop and visit a new customer with our technical team who is their powerful backing, providing strong backup and support for any technical problems. We always visit customer together and provides a customized solution and corresponding measures according to its site condition to ensure a high return on investment.

Taking Off Into the Future
INVT witnessed great changes in Myanmar in the past decade and realized huge opportunities under the belt and road. INVT as a leading company in automation industry definitely can make good advantage of its leading-edge technology and reliable products and solutions, driving the development of infrastructure construction.

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