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A New Generation Intelligentization Product for Textile Industry - INVT WS900 Water-jet Loom Control System
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INVT's water-jet loom control system is a new-generation intelligent product applied to the textile industry.

With the leading driving and control technologies and its commitment to technological and process innovation, INVT provides customized, professional, integrated, and intelligent solutions for customers in the textile industry.

After 13 years' engagement in the textile industry, INVT continues to commit to industrial segments, and continuously improves the process electronization level of these fields. It provides customized and highly integrated system solutions for customers of various industries, creates values for industrial OEM customers and end users, and promotes process electronization and equipment intelligentization in the textile industry.

INVT has already provided excellent products and solutions for customers in multiple sectors, including water-jet looms, air-jet looms, drew texturing machines, electronic let-off and take-up systems, chemical fiber yarn dividing machines, short fiber double-twisting machines, carding machines, roving frames, spinning frames, rotor spinning machines, shuttleless looms, needle punching machines, the non-woven production line, and the chemical fiber production line.

The WS900 intelligent integrated water-jet loom control system is a new-generation solution developed by INVT. It is applicable to the mainstream water-jet looms in China. The system is designed in the distributed modular mode to implement intelligent control over water-jet looms. It can meet various customized requirements, supporting pattern boards, electronic let-off and take-up, electronic jacquard, electronic dobby, and variable-frequency super startup.

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