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INVT Power System Co., Ltd helps Nanjing Software Park to build First-class Wisdom Park
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Recently, INVT Power System Co., Ltd successfully provided several sets of RM300/30x and RM040/10x ups power supply to the Tengfei Building of Nanjing Software Park, set up a safe and reliable power supply network system, and made every effort to ensure the safe and stable operation of the equipment in its network room.

It is reported that the Nanjing Software Park was established in 1999 with the approval of the Nanjing Municipal Government. It is one of the state-level software parks in the country and is the main carrier and core driving force of the software industry in Nanjing. The park is focusing on the development of integrated circuits, software and information services, cultural and creative three major leading industries, focusing on building a new international image, will set up a business office, technical research and development, entertainment and leisure, life-supporting functions in one.
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The RM series modular ups products of INVT Power System Co., Ltd have the following bright spots: intelligent protection scheme, hot-plug static by-pass monitoring module, "black box" recording and prompting function, omnidirectional parameter and temperature monitoring, system self-aging, full digital control, Maintain zero thresholds, battery cold start function, intelligent rotation dormancy, green energy saving, core power device adopts integrated encapsulation IGBT module, intelligent battery management scheme, intelligent programming fast setting, powerful remote network management scheme, Independent air channel design, with high-quality module heat-dissipation performance.

RM series modular UPS focus on intelligent, reliable, green, simple, economical solutions for small, medium and large data centers, server rooms. All kinds of communication systems and industrial automation production equipment and other key loads to provide high-quality power supply guarantee; At the same time, combining the technical characteristics of the traditional tower model and the demand of modularization of modern machine room, the high efficiency and reliability of the system are guaranteed. All the performance indexes of this series of products reach the international level and the cost performance ratio is high, which can better meet the high and reliable power supply demand of various industries.

Cooperating with Nanjing Software Park Tengfei Building, again confirmed that INVT UPS is a user trust brand. In the future, INVT Power System Co., Ltd will continue to work hard to create higher and stronger products, feedback to the majority of users and society.
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