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(1) Perfect Ending of INVT Global Partners Conference 2018
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INVT Global Partners Conference 2018 was successfully held in Guangming technology building. The theme of this conference is ‘Leaving Behind Past, Marching Toward Future.’ Global partners from all over the world, as well as overseas business leaders and members gathered together to review the 2018 achievements and experience, planning the direction of development in the new year. General Manager of INVT overseas business unit, Mr. Jian Wang made the opening remarks, extended his sincerest greetings to INVT guests and thanked all global partners and members for their long-standing support. Hope to work hand in hand to create a more brilliant future.
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Part 1: Co-ordination, Co-development & Co-survival

The market is like a battlefield, and competition is not just a battle between products and prices. Just like Mr. Alan Song said: in such a severe competitive situation, we need to recognize our own advantages, Take the market and competition as the direction, develop the 5c marketing strategy in an all-round way, cooperate with the global partner, continuously expand the business sustainability, realize the strategic goal of multiple wins.
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Part 2: Global Marketing Colorful Interconnection

INVT is the forerunner and leader in the overseas market of domestic brand, and Mr. Gang Xu who is in charge of overseas marketing department shares ‘One Global, One INVT’ global branding plans with overseas partners. Through the decomposition of the steps of building a client brand, it helps the partners to identify the important nodes and evaluation indexes in each stage. From the dimension of POE and the freedom degree of the communication path, the advantages and disadvantages of the main communication channels and the measures of building the brand are described in detail. Based on the decision chain analysis of customer value, we identify the core business capabilities of overseas partners such as business, delivery, service and funds, and help overseas partners to define the direction of business development based on their own resource status and advocate global partners to further strengthen their own advantages.

Through complementary resources between partners to build a global marketing network, We firmly believe that INVT will eventually grow into a leading and respected provider of products and services in the fields of industrial automation and energy and power based on INVT's excellent platform resources and clear marketing strategy. 


Part 3: Achievement Root in Diligence, Virtue Root in Exploration
Ms. Simply Sun explained to dealers the close relationship between the level of business management and the sales business. With the rapid expansion of INVT's overseas business, business norms are imperative. Effective business management is not only conducive to maintaining the vitality of market competition and improving the level of profit, but also conducive to the timely discovery of business opportunities and provides direction for production and business activities. The realization of all this cannot be achieved without the invisible efforts of every business person. At the conference, Ms. Simply Sun also expressed her gratitude to every member of the team, hoping to do her job well in the future and contribute to the development of the company.
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Their wonderful sharing aroused the great interest of the partners. They all put forward their own suggestions and opinions. Some exchanges and discussions were made.
As time went by, the morning meeting came to an end. After a short break, let us look forward to the wonderful sharing in the afternoon.
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