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(2) Perfect Ending of INVT Global Partners Conference 2018
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After a short break at noon, all partners and members of INVT group arrived at the venue with great energy and waited for the starting of the afternoon meeting. Let's take a look at what exciting sharing in the afternoon:

Part 4: TÜV SÜD, Your Technical Service Provider and Solution Partner
Mr. Boris Ouyang is a specialized person from the TÜV International Certification Institution. With the increasing investment of INVT in product certification year by year, and the importance of product function, especially functional safety certification, it is particularly important to enhance the understanding and attention of partners to the certification knowledge. At the conference, Mr. Boris Ouyang mainly explains the importance of TÜV certification in the future development trend and the basic process and cycle of certification to give them a deeper understanding of product certification.

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Part 5: Smart Energy Solution(Hybrid)
Energy storage technology is the core foundation of building the energy Internet and promoting the new development of energy industry. Energy storage industry can directly improve the uneven energy supply in time and space, but also improve the energy structure, which is closely related to the pace of power system reform. It is the industry that governments encourage development.

Mr. Brianyaw, general manager of INVT Solar Technology Co., Ltd, introduces in detail the solutions of side energy storage, generation side energy storage, grid side energy storage, micro grid energy storage and optical storage for partners combined with the development and change of market demand at present, and based on the advantages of multiple independent R&D products.

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Finally, Mr. Jian Wang has been patient in communicating and answering some of the dealer's concerns and partners are actively involved in the presentation and discussion.

"Leaving Behind Past, Marching Toward Future" is the theme of the INVT Global Partners Conference 2018. It is also the determination and attitude of all INVT staff and their partners to work together. INVT is not only a trusted partner, but also the strongest backing of the majority of distributor partners. Let's thank all our partners for attending this dealer meeting and look forward to seeing you again next year.
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