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Work Together, Grow Together - INVT Overseas Partner Seminar 2018
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INVT Global partners conference 2018 was successfully held on 17th Dec at the INVT Guangming Technology Building in Shenzhen. The theme of the conference was: "Leaving Behind Past, Marching Toward Future". The partners from all over the world and members of INVT overseas business unit gathered together. In the seminar, the partners actively shared their experiences in sales and promotion.
Now let’s have a look together.

1. How to Survive in Challenge Market
Influenced by the global economy, the reduction of the Egyptian market, currency devaluation, the high import costs, and the emergence of multiple strong competitors, these are all destined to make 2018 a challenging year. Founded in 2013, 4M Group is a young and dynamic company. In 2015, it was linked with INVT by accident. Based on mutual trust, it officially started the business cooperation journey in 2016. During the three-year cooperation, the turnover from 20,000 USD to 500,000 USD, let us witness its rapid development. Faced with such a serious challenge, they always think about a question of how to survive and stand steadily in the global economic fluctuations.

Today the answer is given by him: constantly focus on the field of industrial automation; based on a strong technical support and service team; build a multi-regional joint security service center; promote service improvement with the market feedback, and bring more valuable products and services to customers. At the same time, they will continue to innovate the methods of marketing and promotion to form an interactive marketing network of exhibitions, advertisements, media, social media and official websites to expand brand influence and enhance users' goodwill towards the brand of INVT.

2. Experience of using frequency inverters in Ukraine

Customers from Ukraine have always been the exclusive distributor of INVT in Ukraine. It has been working with INVT for 10 years. The sales in industrial control and automation are increasing year by year, and it has achieved remarkable results. At the same time, in the field of medium voltage frequency inverter in 2018 a new breakthrough has been made. At this global partners conference, he also made a deep analysis of the development and trend of the Ukrainian inverter market, indicating that with the rapid and stable development of the market economy, the inverter will have a better development prospect in the future. Meanwhile, he shared with all the distributor partners their successful experience in business development and the success stories of INVT inverters in different application in Ukraine, demonstrating the end customer's wide recognition of our products.
The client stated that in the future he will innovate the marketing ideas and the method of the promotion, deepen brand promotion, based on the strong technical support and services, and simultaneously improve the service and brand.

No matter how difficult or dangerous on the way, INVT will work together with all partners to create a better future, as the theme of this global partners conference said: Leaving Behind Past, Marching Toward Future, and see you next year.

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