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INVT is Starting from Cement Industry in Pakistan 2018
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Pakistan is one of China best partner for all industries, the cement industrial plays one important role in the South Asian area, since the CPEC project launched, China has signed more cooperation such as Power, Road, Port, etc, sending lots of technical specialist to this country for introducing more high advance technology and solutions.
Even this, Pakistan still facing one issue of power shortage, so for cement industry which has been growing fastly, the main issue is to save more energy and improve process to fulfill market requirement.

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As INVT has been in Pakistan for more than 10 years and has been working with SINOMA (one of cement line construction company in Pakistan ) in China and other countries like Myanmar, India. We have a complete and mature solution for cement line. 20th Dec 2018, INVT held the event in PC Hotel, Islamabad. Invite INVT honorable guest from more than 10 cement group in the north of Pakistan, discuss and share ideas.
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During INVT Cement Industry MV VFD Seminar 2018, we have discussed with 415V low voltage GD200A series, and 6.3KV, 11KV Medium voltage VFD GD5000 series, for ID Fan, FD Fan, VRM, Ball Mill drives. Most of the guests came from technical dept, so we have achieved a great result for discussing all technical issue, about INVT applied its solution in cement line.
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Some of the guests invite INVT come to the site for checking details or planning to come to INVT (Suzhou) manufacture center for training.
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From last 10 years, INVT has been in Pakistan for cement mill, sugar mill, paper mill, steel mill, chemical, textile for all applications and get a well public praise, we believe since CPEC goes smoothly, INVT will bring more its best service, high-performance quality products, advanced solution here, to support our clients well!
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