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INVT Traction System, Independent R&D Product in China
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In 2010, China's rail transit traction system also relied entirely on foreign brands. At that time, INVT just completed the A-share listing but has accumulated more mature inverter control platform technology. From 2010 to 2015, INVT focused on the research and development of domestic rail transit traction systems. With the hard work of more than 100 engineers, more than 100 knowledge achievements in the field of rail transit traction systems have been formed, and finally passed the assessment organized by the China Urban Rail Transit Association Technical Equipment Professional Committee and successfully completed in September 2017, Shenzhen. The public bidding for the subway vehicle electrical system procurement project of the extension line of Shenzhen Metro Line 9 has won the bid, which means that INVT has achieved market breakthroughs in the high-end equipment research and development of rail transit high-end equipment, opening up the diversified innovation and development of China's rail transit core equipment field. INVT has become the only traction system supplier in China's rail transit market and has 100% independent intellectual property rights, research and development capabilities and industrialization capabilities.

INVT medium voltage ac drives

INVT Traction system adopts vector control and introduces harmonic suppression strategy. The whole control process is smooth and pulsation-free, which effectively reduces line loss and interference. The integrated arrangement reduces the weight and greatly simplifies the cable connection of the vehicle bottom. The new train adopts forced Air-cooled, the power margin is large. Under the rated load of typical A-type subway, from 80 km speed to electric air brake switching point, the electric brake can completely meet the requirements of common braking, and can also be fully electric It moves to zero speed and has low noise value, which improves the passenger's ride comfort. In addition, it has innovative features in user interface friendliness, interface expandability, wireless fault diagnosis, monitoring and maintenance.

INVT inverter

The traction system is the power source for electric drive operation equipment, and can also be widely used in the rapid development industries such as intercity trains, motor trains, high-speed rail, mining equipment, heavy-duty road vehicles, ships, military weapons and equipment, etc. These Industries have broad application prospects in the next 30 years… INVT also developed a series of heavy-duty truck traction systems, which have been applied in batches to 400-ton electric wheel dump trucks in coal mines. In addition, the 150-ton electric wheel dump truck traction system is also being delivered.

INVT motor drive

The future, INVT will continue in-depth independent research and development, and continuously improve the technical level and high-end equipment manufacturing capacity, continue to implement the "Made in China 2025" spirit, to achieve the conversion of made in China to created in China, China speed to China quality, China products to China brand.
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