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INVT Supermen in Desert
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In April 2019, the first 7 km oil drilling rig in China was successfully drilled in TK6122 well in the Lunnan production area of Tahe Oilfield by using INVT medium voltage inverter. Since then, INVT has added a frequency conversion drive "heart" to the Chinese mechanical drilling rig.
INVT medium voltage inverter
From May 2018 to April 2019, the project team has successfully passed the acceptance of the project. Faced with the gaps in many technical fields, the project team has gone deep into the desert of the Yellow Sands. The "Marathon Run" lasted nearly a year, and finally won the unanimous approval of customers.

At last, the old drilling rig changed into a young "heart" to see how the INVT people helped the domestic maximum depth of pure mechanical

Since the successful application of the three-level medium-voltage large-capacity inverters in the oil rig industry in 2017, the medium-voltage team has been accumulating strength for the medium-voltage inverters to enter the oil rig industry.

Until one day in May 2018, manager Zhang of the oil industry found the medium-voltage project manager with a technical agreement for the application of "medium-voltage oil to electricity", and the opportunity thus arises. 。

In June 2018, they follow customers to visit the site constantly, comb the application of end-users carefully, demonstrate the load characteristics, and then work out feasible and withstand the test of technical solutions and agreements.
In July 2018 (Suzhou), the medium voltage project team received orders and entered the product design stage.
In August 2018 (Shaanxi), the project entered the stage of an integrated assembly.
April 2019, wait for field application debugging.
INVT VFD drive INVT variable frequency drive
3:00 a.m. on April 22, 2019
TK6122 well has officially started the second stage of a heavy-duty drilling operation.
Since then, the largest depth of pure mechanical drilling rig transformed by INVT medium-voltage converter has passed the acceptance test smoothly and began the maximum load application.
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