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INVT Wish You Will Meet at AUTOMATION EXPO 2019
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The 14th AUTOMATION EXPO will be held from 25 to 28 September 2019 at the Exhibition Centre in Mumbai, India. It is an ideal platform for the Indian and global automation industry to converge and showcase the cutting-edge technologies, advancements, systems, and services in the field of Automation, covering a wide range of automation topics and attracting 45,891 visitors.

During three days, INVT will showcase competitive products and professional solutions, including PLC, HMI, VFD, servo, solar water pump controller and solutions for HVAC, construction hoist, air compressor and papermaking. Besides, new products, Goodrive350 and Goodrive18, are getting a lot of attention. Goodrive350 is highly extensible and flexible with PG card, PLC card, communication card and IO card, meeting the demands of various industries. It’s oriented for mid-high-end OEM equipment markets, mainly covering the applications of printing, packaging, winding, etc. Goodrive18 series 2-in-1 inverter adopts speed sensorless vector control technology, which has excellent drive performance and control functions; It featured rich hardware configuration, powerful software, optimized structure design, and improved ease of use and reliability; Applicable to single equipment or the same occasion, the application of 2 or more power converters can better meet the needs of stone machinery, music fountains and other specific occasions. Except for traditional products, new solutions for packing machinery is worth looking forward before the exhibition.

All in all, you are welcomed to visit us at AUTOMATION EXPO 2019. How do you stand out from mushrooming competitors? We will provide you with customized answers. Hope to spend the rewarding three days with you.
Exhibition Information:
INVT Booth No:E3

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