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4 Simple Steps Help Solve Inverter Overheating Problem
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48v inverter

Summer is the high incidence period of inverter overheating problems.
Poor heat dissipation is usually caused by dust, fan trouble and air duct blockage, which leads equipment trouble to stop production.
Therefore, it is advised to do a simple maintenance to inverter, like dusting, fixing fan and cleaning air duct, so as to ensure normal running of the equipment.
Don’t stress to much If there is a overheating problem on a inerter. 

Firstly, you need to know about that inverter can detect inside temperature by sensor, which is similar to laptop overheating protection principle.

When actual temperature is higher than the setting value, it will give alarm signal to reminder users that it is too hot to bear for the inverter.
At the same time, panel on the inverter will display corresponding overheating OH fault code.

The process is very simple
1. Check if the fan works normally. The fan is rotating while inverter is running;
2. Check if the cooling dust is blocked, especially air intake and air outlet. 
3. Check surrounding environment temperature. In general, surrounding temperature should be controlled below 40°。
4. After checking 3 steps mentioned above, the overheating problem still does not be solved, then you need a technical engineer to do a favor. 

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