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How to setup solar power plant on different types of rooftop
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Solar energy, radiant light and heat from the Sun, is an important source of renewable energy and one of the best green energies, which has significant benefits in environmental protection and economic development. In order to make good use of the solar energy, human being adapts solar power system which will be installed in ground, rooftop, fishpond and mountain and so on. However, in most countries and regions, solar power plant is mainly installed on rooftop currently. So how to maximize the output of solar energy plant when the solar system is installed on different forms of rooftops? Let’s see how to install solar system, including Terrace roof, slope roof and the flat slope combined roof, which are main forms of roofs in right way.

Terrace House

The roof slope is less than 5% (2.86 degrees) is flat roof, designed to be simple and generous, which can save time and effort, can be used as a place for activities, as a drying place. But its slow roof drainage makes house leakage, what’s more, in the summer, it will be very hot.

But in other ways, it will cool the heat of the house when you install a photovoltaic power plant in your flat rooftop. There are two ways to install solar power plant in such roof:

First, it is built with steel, which means that you need to raise the steel bracket to install the power system and it has no influence to the whole roof space.

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Second, you need to mount bracket as the fragment of cement pier and PV bracket. In order to ensure stable and maximum power generation, we should choose a right angle and keep a measurable distance between the two solar panels.

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Slope House

Due to the ramp roof is easy to drain away the rain, easy to maintain and it is generally more beautiful, so in most rainy regions, family always will take this roof form.

When installing a solar power in the ramp house, it will not destroy the aesthetic feeling of the whole house, but will make the house full of science and technology feeling.

Solar panels just need to be laid according to its angle, not to raise its brackets and calculate its angle when you install such solar power system. And the sun power solar plant will be cleaned by itself just for its proper angle.
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Flat Slope Combined House

The flat slope combined roof means that it is a combination of the Flat House and slope house, so it not only simplifies the construction and enriches the buildings’ appearance.

It almost has the same features as the first two in solar power plant installation, but it has flexible installing forms. For example, you can have insulation installation or laid the solar panels on the roof directory.

When there is more solar power plant being installed, it will promote energy-saving and emission reduction, and encourage more and more families and factories to use renewable energy. And then, we not only will have a better earth, but also create more economic benefits.

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