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Reduce Energy Consumption Efficiency - INVT Hydraulic Servo Motor Profile
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For the manufacturers of hydraulic equipment such as injection molding machine, hydraulic press and die casting machine, the electricity consumption is the main part of production cost. Therefore, it is an effective way to reduce the energy consumption and increase production efficiency.

The traditional injection molding machine and die casting machine rely on the oil pump motor as the power source of the system, and the fuel consumption of the oil pump is as high as 60% or more. To reduce energy consumption of equipment, on the premise of guarantee product manufacturing process, reduce the energy consumption of the oil pump motor, and the oil pump motor for permanent magnet synchronous servo system is to achieve energy consumption greatly reduced.

INVT hydraulic servo system is in the further study of hydraulic machinery, on the basis of technological process and parameters, in view of the hydraulic industry demand, custom development of special hydraulic servo system solutions, has been widely used in injection molding machine, die-casting machine, plastic hollow machine, hydraulic press, hydraulic equipment matching and transformation.

This system driven by + servo motor servo drive, simple structure, fast response, high efficiency and accuracy, good energy saving, achieve the perfect combination of electric and hydraulic drive technology, the perfect combination of machine and the environment, to display the products precision and the efficiency of hydraulic equipment to the best state.

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MH500/MH800 hydraulic dedicated servo driver
The innovative hydraulic servo drive technology realizes pressure/flow automatic control and closed-loop control to eliminate overflow loss
The special PQ decoupling control scheme, multi-stage PID control technology, multi-pump confluence algorithm and double displacement plunger pump are used to improve the response speed and energy saving effect
Unique hydraulic machinery industry control software algorithm, achieve precise speed and position control
3 times overload capacity, speed of flow and pressure response, good stability
The communication mode is diversified and supports the industrial bus communication, so as to facilitate the control of multi-device networking and intelligent automatic production line

INVT liquid cooled servo motor
INVT is to satisfy the electro-hydraulic market demand, according to working characteristics of the hydraulic machinery, elaborate the development of high quality electrical products, widely used in injection molding machine, die-casting machine, hydraulic machine, bending machine, hydraulic equipment field.
Liquid-cooled servo motor using radiation small, long service life of nd-fe-b materials, aviation aluminum T5 processing, small volume, high strength, good thermal conductivity, the slender structure, the motor rotor moment of inertia of small, faster dynamic response, mute design, conform to the requirements of the national standards of energy conservation and environmental protection, with special MH500 / MH800 hydraulic servo drive to play a bigger effect.
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International leading coil type cooling technology, the unique hydraulic oil circulation cooling, cooling effect is good, the cost is low
● Immersion cooling, cooling effect is remarkable, lower noise, save a space effectively
Low rotor inertia, faster response
Dynamic balance of high precision, low noise, low vibration, smooth operation
Rated speed range, constant torque output
Low speed control precision, small torque ripple
High performance of the stator silicon steel sheet, high magnetic energy level ndfeb magnetic steel rotor material
Feedback device with high precision rotating transformer

Specification complete, the rated power from 7.5 kW to 61 kW, the rated torque by 36 nm to 341 nm

The big four:
General type liquid-cooled servo motor
1. Air aluminum T5 treatment, high strength, good thermal conductivity.
2. Low volume, low noise and high efficiency.
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Hydraulic special hydraulic servo motor

1. Air aluminum T5 treatment, high strength, good thermal conductivity.
2. Unique hydraulic return oil circulation cooling mode, good effect, low failure rate, low cost.
3. It is convenient to install and maintain the conventional air-cooled motor connected bracket.
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Hydraulic hydraulic special hydraulic servo motor (B connection)
1. Air aluminum T5 treatment, high strength, good thermal conductivity.
2. The motor oil pump is immersed in the oil pool, the upper return oil spray cooling, the cooling effect is good, the noise is low, and the effective saving space is the first choice of technical transformation in the field of oil pressure driving.
3. The unique motor and pump B connection design, the failure rate is low, the length is shortened, the operation is smooth.
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General type liquid-cooled integrated servo motor
1. Air aluminum T5 treatment, high strength, good thermal conductivity.
2. Integrated motor drive, convenient installation, cost saving, low failure rate and convenient maintenance.
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As the mainstream of domestic hydraulic servo drive and motor supplier, INVT subsoil hydraulic market, with a large number of customers in the field of hydraulic machinery group, on the hydraulic equipment such as injection molding machine, hydraulic press, die casting machine has complete products and solutions, to each process in the period of application, at the same time, for all kinds of finished products processing equipment, we have rich experience in solution and application.
INVT is ready for customers and never stops!
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