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INVT makes the intelligent easy to come in the future
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INVT's mission is to make all efforts to offer value-added products and services to strengthen the client’s competitive advantages. We actively explore subdivision industry development trend and the needs of customers, continue to INVT deepen the understanding of customer needs and provide customers with accurate, efficient and stable professional system solutions. INVT helps customers become more competitive. And INVT's latest achievements and products in the field of industrial automation motion control and servo demonstrate the perfect combination of controller and servo system.

1.Automatic profile glass cutting machine

INVT servo motor

2.Cup cover industry solutions

INVT servo system

3.Fully automatic patch solution

industrial automation

4.Fully automatic plug-in machine solution

DA200 series AC drive

5.High speed laminating machine industry

INVT servo controller

6.Laser ear forming machine solution

high speed servo motor

7.Winding machine solution

servo motor manufacturer

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