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Internet of Things Communication Adapter
IP00 GPRS Communication Adapter
  • IP00 GPRS Communication Adapter
IP00 GPRS Communication Adapter

INVT ICA200-00 series IP00 GPRS communication adaptor is an IoT wireless data terminal designed for INVT GD300-21 air compressor-specific dual inverter integrated machine. It can be installed inside GD300-21 integrated machine. This adaptor carries the same specification parameters with those of ICA200-01 series IP20 GPRS communication adaptor except for IP level.

  • Features
  • Specification parameter
  • Classic case
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  • l Standard and easy-to-use

    Provide standard RS485 interface to connect to serial device directly;

    Smart data terminal which can enter data transmission state at power up;

    Convenient system configuration and maintenance interface;

    l Powerful function

    Provide standard RS232 interface, support local serial software update;

    Support remote wireless update and remote strategy configuration;

    Support flexible APN setup;

    Can connect to serial device directly, support collection of 8 terminal devices at most by one adaptor;

    Modbus inquire address and collection cycle is settable, realize classified data uploading to save traffic;

    Support GPRS positioning;

    Support GPS positioning to acquire precise device location in real time (optional).

  • Type designation:

    ICA200 –01G5

      ② ③ ④    ⑤ ⑥ ⑦   ⑧







    Abbreviation of product series


    Abbreviation of product series

    ICA: Internet Communication Adapter

    Wireless communication


    Communication type


    Wired communication


    Communication type

    0:Does not support wired communication

    Local data collection mode

    Communication collection mode


    Monitoring object

    Max access point

    0One pc   24 pcs  38 pcs

    Protection level

    Protection level

    0—IP00 (w/o shell)

    1—IP20 (metal shell)

    6—IP65 (plastic shell)

    Special function

    Special function

    GGPS With GPS

    There is no special function in standard configuration, this one is omitted

    Voltage type

    Supply voltage


    The voltage is 10~30V in standard configuration, this one is omitted








    Basic function

    Network state detection

    Automatically detect whether the network is online, re-dial if offline.

    Device working state indicator

    The network state indicator indicates different device working states through the power lamp

    1: Network state indicator flashes at 800ms interval if the network is not registered (flashes slowly);

    2: The indicator is off every 3s if the network is registered;

    3: The indicator flashes at 300ms interval (flashes quickly) if GPRS connection is established

    Communication protocol

    IoT communication protocol;

    PPP dial protocol;

    FTP transmission protocol;

    Embedded TCP/UDP protocol

    Remote update

    Support auto remote update of system program through GPRS

    Communication interface

    Support RS232 commissioning output;

    RS485 one-to-multiple front-end device collection;

    GPRS wireless transmission

    Parameter configuration

    Modbus device serial port baud rate, data bit, stop bit and check bit are all configurable;

    Software watchdog

    Monitor system running state in real time

    GPRS heartbeat mechanism

    Monitoring server connection in real time

    GPRS communication command

    Enhance AT command set

    System resource

    Operating system

    Preemptive multi-task real time kernel


    ARM 32-bit Cortex™-M3 CPU


    512KB flash



    Peripheral interface


    Wireless parameter

    Wireless module

    Industrial wireless module

    Standards and frequency band

    Support GSM850/900/1800/1900MHz

    •GPRS multi-slot class 12/10

    •GPRS mobile station class B

     Meet GSM 2/2+ standard

    – Class 4 2W @850/900 MHz

    – Class 1 1W @1800/1900MHz

    Theoretical bandwidth

    GPRS class 12: Max 85.6 kbps (download rate)

    GPRS class 12: Max 85.6 kbps (download)

    Transmit power


    Receiver sensitivity


    Interface type

    Serial port

    One RS232 and one RS485 interface, built-in 15kV ESD protection, serial port parameters are shown below:

    Data bit: 8 ; Stop bit: 1

    Parity: No parity, even parity, odd parity, SPACE and MARK parity

    Serial port rate: 110~115200bits/s


    Power indicator, network state indicator

    Antenna interface

    Standard SMA female antenna interface, characteristic impedance 50Ω

    SIM/UIM card interface

    Clamshell Micro SIM card interface (IP00), support 1.8V/3V SIM/UIM card, built-in 15kVESD protection

    Power consumption

    Communication state

    100mA@24VDC   200mA@12VDC    400mA@5VDC

    Transient peak current

    400mA@24VDC 800mA@12VDC   2000mA@5VDC

    Protection level


    IP00 (w/o shell)

    Other parameters

    Operating temp


    Storage temp



    93% (w/o condensation)


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