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Internet of Things Communication Adapter
Data Acquisitor
  • Data Acquisitor
Data Acquisitor

INVT ICA110 series data collector is an IoT data collection terminal device used to collect the data of device running state and environment monitoring device. Data upload and download can be realized by configuring wired/wireless network through data collector web page.

  • Features
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  • Classic case
  • Data download
  • l Standard and easy-to-use

    Provide two standard RS485 interfaces to connect to serial device directly;

    Smart data terminal which can enter data transmission state at power up;

    Powerful center management software for convenient device management (optional);

    Convenient system configuration and maintenance interface;

    l Powerful function

    Users can configure serial device register address and serial parameters through logging onto data collector via LAN;

    Provide PC assistant update strategy file and serial parameter configuration file, and support download via one key;

    Provide standard RS485 interface, support collection of 8 terminal devices at most with each terminal device supporting 64 groups of ModBus register collection;

    Smart data collection terminal which can check the mounted online device at power up and collect data;

    Support remote data collector software update and remote maintenance;

    ModBus inquire address and collection cycle is settable;

    Support remote update of strategy file and serial parameter configuration file.

  • Type designation:

    ICA110 –01U12

      ② ③④    ⑤ ⑥⑦    ⑧






    Abbreviation of product series


    Abbreviation of product series

    ICA: Internet Communication Adapter 

    Wireless communication


    Communication type


    Wired communication


    Communication type

    0:Does not support wired communication

    Local data collection mode

    Communication collection mode


    Monitoring object

    Max access point

    0One pc   24 pcs  38 pcs

    Protection level

    Protection level

    0—IP00 (w/o shell)

    1—IP20 (metal shell)

    6—IP65 (plastic shell)

    Special function

    Special function

    GWith GPS

    There is no special function in standard configuration, this one is omitted

    Voltage type

    Supply voltage


    The voltage is 10~30V in standard configuration, this one is omitted








    Basic function

    Network state detection

    Detect whether the network is online automatically

    Device working state indicator

    Indicate different working state via 485A indicator, 485B indicator and WLAN indicator

    Communication protocol

    IoT communication protocol;

    FTP transmission protocol

    Embedded MQTT protocol

    Remote update

    Support auto remote update of system application program via data collector

    Communication interface

    Support RS485 one-to-multiple front-end device collection;

    Ethernet transmission and WLAN wireless transmission

    Parameter configuration

    Modbus device serial baud rate, data bit, stop bit and parity bit are configurable

    Web page

    Set serial parameter, device register address via router web page in WLAN

    Update strategy file and serial configuration file remotely

    Acquire register address strategy file and serial configuration file remotely

    System resource

    Operating system







    16MB SPI Flash

    Peripheral interface

    One USB 2.0 standard interface;

    Two half-duplex RS485

    One WAN/LAN 100M Internet access (switchable)

    One IPEX base which supports external antenna

    4 digital inputs, high level by default

    2 relay outputs

    Wireless parameter

    Protocol standard

    IEEE8 02.11n

    Working frequency band

    2.412 – 2.472GHz

    Transmit power

    HT20-MCS0: 19±2dBm

    HT20-MCS7: 19±2dBm

    HT40-MCS0: 19±2dBm

    HT40-MCS7: 19±2dBm

    Receiver sensitivity

    HT20-MCS0: 19±2dBm

    HT20-MCS7: -70±2dBm

    HT40-MCS0: -86±2dBm

    HT40-MCS7: -68±2dBm

    Power supply

    Power range


    Power consumption

    Communication state

    200mA@24VDC   400mA@12VDC

    Protection level

    Protection level





    Other parameters



    Operating temp

    Operating temp: -20°C to 70°C

    Storage temp

    -40°C to 85°C


    10% to 95% RH w/o condensation


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