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Industry Specific Inverter
Goodrive300-69  Open Loop Vector Control Inverter Special for Construction Machinery
  • Goodrive300-69  Open Loop Vector Control Inverter Special for Construction Machinery
Goodrive300-69 Open Loop Vector Control Inverter Special for Construction Machinery

Goodrive300-69 SVC inverter is developed for the load characteristic and control requirements of construction machinery.After simple commissioning, it can meet the comfort and safety requirements of construction and headframe hoists.




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  • 1.Safe
    Mature machine dedicated brake logic control and fault protection function, protect the device away from danger
    be designed for the grid and application environment, to ensure the reliable operation in various
    3.Easy to use
    be designed for theconstruction and headframe hoists, fixed factory parameters, and easy
    commissioning and installation
    4.Good performance
    quick and stable start/stop control, FRD/REV switch, more accurate and comfortable stop

    Construction hoist
  • Function description



    Input voltage (V)

    AC 3PH 380V(-15%)440V(+10%) rated voltage: 380V

    Input frequency (Hz)

    50Hz/60Hz, permissible range: 47~63Hz


    Output voltage (V)

    0~input voltage

    Output frequency (Hz)


    Technical control performance

    Control mode


    Motor type

    Asynchronous motor

    Speed ratio

    Asynchronous motor 1: 50 (SVC)

    Speed control precision

    ±0.2% (SVC)

    Speed fluctuation

    ± 0.3% (SVC)

    Starting torque

    Asynchronous motor: 0.25Hz/150% (SVC)

    Overload capacity

    1m for 120% of rated current

    Analog input

    Two (AI1, AI2)0~10V/0~20mA, one (AI3)-10~10V

    Analog output

    Two (AO1, AO2)0~10V /0~20mA

    Digital input

    Eight normal input, max frequency is 1kHz;

    One high speed input, max frequency is 50kHz

    Digital output

    One high speed pulse output, max frequency is 50kHz;

    One Y terminal open collector output

    Relay output

    Two programmable relay output

    RO1A NO, RO1B NC, RO1C common port

    RO2A NO, RO2B NC, RO2C common port

    RO3A NO, RO3B NC, RO3C common port (specific for overload)

    Contact capacity: 3A/AC250V1A/DC30V


    Installation mode

    Wall installation

    Ambient temp

    -10~50, derate if the ambient temp is above 40

    Protection level


    Cooling mode

    Air cooling

    Brake unit

    Built-in for 380V 75kW and below models, optional for 380V 90kW and above models

    Brake resistor

    Optional external brake resistor

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