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Low Voltage General Inverter
GD800 Series Engineering Drive Inverter
  • GD800 Series Engineering Drive Inverter
  • GD800 Series Engineering Drive Inverter
  • GD800 Series Engineering Drive Inverter
  • GD800 Series Engineering Drive Inverter
  • GD800 Series Engineering Drive Inverter
  • GD800 Series Engineering Drive Inverter
GD800 Series Engineering Drive Inverter

Goodrive800 series industrial drive products apply module design, as well as the applications of heavy loads, to meet the high overload capacity, high reliability and continuous operation requirements in the industrial drive market.

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  • Features:

    •380V, 500V, 660V voltage degrees, standard cabinet products cover to 3MW
    •Control units and the underlying drivers apply optical fiber communication, to support
    distributed installation
    •Power units apply compatible topology design for invertering and AFE energy feedback
    •Standard safety terminals, to provide the safe parking SS1, safe speed limit function of
    SLS and to improve system reliability
    •Standard cabinet four quadrant products for two-way flow of energy, the energy
    conservation and environmental protection; the power factor is close to 1, the net side harmonic less than 5%
    •Unilateral maintenance and compact structure design for the standard cabinet products,
    to save installation space and to improve convenience of maintenance
    •Compatible with Modbus, Profibus-DP, CANopen and Ethernet communication protocols

    Metallurgical, port, lifting, shore power, petroleum and petrochemical, city, chemical, power, building materials, mining, ship, paper, dynamometer, EPS, etc
  • Goodrive800-26 series

    Goodrive800-11 series

    Goodrive800-51 series

    specification index

    AC 3PH 380V(-15%)~440V(+10%)
    AC 3PH 380V(-10%)~550V(+10%)
    AC 3PH 520V(-15%)~690V(+10%)

       380V:DC 350V~800V
       500V:DC 450V~1000V
       660V:DC 570V~1200V

    50Hz/60Hz, allowing range 47~63Hz


    above 95%

    above 97%

    above 98%

    above 98%






    0~1.15* input voltage

    0~ input voltage



    V/F,close loop vector,open loop vector

    Asynchronous motor, synchronous motor

                              close loop vector:0Hz/200%;
                 open loop vector:asynchronous motor:0.25Hz/150%;
                         synchronous motor:2.5Hz/150%;


    close loop vector:1:1000;open loop vector:1:100

    close loop vector:±0.1% highest speed;open loop vector:±0.5% highest speed

    close loop vector:1%;open loop vector:5%

    close loop vector:<0.1ms;open loop vector:<20ms

    maximum to 200% rated current

    less than 5% unit rated current



    less than 5% system rated current



    Over voltage point ±1%

    rated current ±3%

    less than 20mV

    less than 2ms

    150% rated current 60s,180% rated current 10s,200% rated current 1s

    380V:bus 800V over voltage;500V:bus 1000V over voltage;660V:bus 1200V over voltage

    380V:bus 350V over voltage;500V:bus 450V over voltage;660V:bus 570V over voltage

    provide above 30 faults protection

    unit provides near 20 unit faults protection

    provide STO、SS1、SSL、SBC protection functions






    install on the ground

    install on the cabinet

       -10~50゜C, 40゜C above derating for usage

    standard cabinet IP20 above

    standard unit IP00

    satisfy CE requirements

    forced air cooling

    GD800-26(Four-quadrant Inverter)
    380V 75KW~1200KW
    500V 4KW~400KW
    660V 75KW~1500KW

    GD800-11(Inverter Unit)
    380V 4KW~400KW
    500V 4KW~400KW
    660V 22KW~500KW

    GD800-51(Power Unit)
    380V 37KW~400KW
    500V 37KW~400KW
    660V 75KW~500KW

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