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Medium Voltage Inverter
Goodrive1000 Series Inverter of Coal Machine
  • Goodrive1000 Series Inverter of Coal Machine
Goodrive1000 Series Inverter of Coal Machine

Goodrive1000 series inverter specific for coal mining machinery

Goodrive1000 series inverter for coal mining machinery is a delicate and excellent inverter drive unit widely applied in fully mechanized mining devices including coal mining machinery, continuous mining machine and shuttle vehicle.

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  • (1) Perfectly integrated with coal mining machinery, compact design;

    (2) Clear and vivid interface for easy operation;

    (3) Professional vibration test to ensure excellent anti-vibration performance;

    (4) Surface-mount structure for easy and convenient installation;

    (5) Professional drive technology to ensure key performance;

    (6) Multiple protection to ensure stable operation.

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    GD1000-01 series

    GD1000-31 series

    Function description



    Rated input voltage (V)

    AC 3PH 1140v-15%~+15%

    Rated input frequency


    Rated input efficiency (%)

    Above 98%

    Rated input power factor (%)

    Above 0.85

    Above 0.99


    Rated output voltage (V)

    0~input voltage

    Output frequency


    Operation control characteristic

    Control mode

     V/F (with V/F separation function), open loop vector, colsed loop vector

    Motor parameter autotuning

    Support static motor autotuning and rotary autotuning

    Speed regulation range

    Closed loop vector: 1:1000 ; open loop vector: 1:100

    Speed control precision

    Closed loop vector: ±0.1% max speed; open loop vector: ±0.5% max speed

    Speed fluctuation

    ±0.3%open loo vector control;  ±0.1%closed loop vector control 

    Torque control precision

    10%open loo vector control); 5%closed loop vector control 

    Starting torque

    0.5Hz 150% open loop vector control; Zero frequency  180% closed loop vector control

    DC brake

    DC brake at start/stop

    Overload capacity

    60s for 150% of rated current, 10s for 180% of rated current

    Protection function

     Multiple protection functions eg motor overheat protection, overload protection, overvoltage protection, undervoltage protection, input phase loss protection, output phase loss protection, overcurrent protection, overheat protection, overvoltage stall protection, overcurrent stall protection, short circuit protection

    Periphral interface

    Analog input


    Analog output

    2路(AO1AO2-10~10V /-20~20mA

    Digital input

    Five digital inputs in standard configuration

    Digital output

    Two relay outputs in standard configuration, contact capacity: 3A/AC250V1A/DC30V

    Communcation mode

    485 communication in standard configuration (MODBUS protocol),  optional CAN,  optical fiber, Profibus-DP



    LCD display

    Ambient temp

    10~+40, derate if the ambient temp is above 40



    Storage temp



    Below 1000m, derate if the elevation is above 1000m, derate by 1% for every additional 100m

    Protection level



    Input reactor is included in standard configuration. Input filter, output reactor and output filter are optional

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