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Robot Control System
Robot Control System
  • Robot Control System
Robot Control System

INVT industrial robot control system adopts world-popular open embedded industrial PC software/hardware platform. It is equipped with INVT motion control card, IO interface and modular software design for catering different body structure, application industries and functions.

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    l Optimized DH structure robot kinematics control algorithm to realize body control in various structures and types;

    l Advanced tracing algorithm and ACC/DEC algorithm to ensure high speed, high precision and stable operation of the robot;

    l Modular function setup to fit different application cases;

    l Simplified tutoring program mode to shorten the training time of the operator and improve working efficiency;

    l Suitable for multiple kinds of incremental, absolute servo: INVT servo and other standard digital servo systems;

    l Open structure to synchronize with international level and make function extension more convenient;

    l Improved connection mode to ensure reliability and practicability.

  • System CPU

    32bit RISC 800M HZ

    User storage space

    FLASH 2G

    Teaching box

    8TFT-LCD, touch function + function keypad, mode selection switch, safety switch + E-stop button

    Number of controlled axes

    6-axes body axis plus two-axes auxiliary axis or four-axes body axis plus two-axes auxiliary axis


    Digital I/O interface, local GPIO 16-in 16-out (extendable)

    Ethernet : 1000Mbps  1set   USB:  2set

    RS232: 3set   RS485: 1set   RS422: 1set

    SD card port    VGA or LVDS output

    Control servo

    Absolute or incremental digital servo, bus servo

    Operation mode

    Teaching, reproduction, remote

    Program mode

    Teaching and reproduction, process programming

    Movement function

    Point-to-point, straight line, 2D or 3D arc, continuous path plan, S-type ACC/DEC, dynamic tracking

    Command system

    Movement, logic, process and calculation

    Position control mode


    Coordinate system

    Joint coordinate, rectangular coordinate, workpiece coordinate, tool coordinate

    Abnormity detection function

    E-stop abnormity, servo abnormity, anti-collision, safety maintenance, arc abnormity, workpiece coordinate abnormity and tool coordinate, etc

    Structure algorithm

    Vertical multi-joint serial robot

    Vertical multi-joint parallel parallelogram robot 

    Vertical multi-joint L-type wrist robot

    Vertical multi-joint spherical wrist robot

    Four-axis Selective Compliance Assembly Robot Arm (SCARA)

    Four-axis parallel robot (DELTA)

    Four-axis palletizing robot

    Cartesian coordinate robot (3, 4, 5)

    Five-axis SCARA

    Customized robot


    Assembly, dispensing, soldering, spraying and coating, palletizing, cutting, polishing and hauling, etc

    Origin function

    Absolute: battery memory; incremental: zeroing at startup


    Natural cooling

    Power supply

    24V 80W (controller power 50W, teaching box 30W)




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