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SL310 Loom Electronic Coiler Single Let-off Drivers
  • SL310 Loom Electronic Coiler Single Let-off Drivers
SL310 Loom Electronic Coiler Single Let-off Drivers

Adopt dedicated servo system to replace the mechanical let-off device of the traditional loom. The simplified mechanical drive structure enables easy installation and convenient maintenance. It can realize real-time tension control and multiple kinds of compensation function to effectively eliminate stop gear and various faults; simple interface with loom electronic controller. It can be widely applied in water jet loom, air jet loom and rapier loom.

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  • 1.Simplified mechanical drive structure for easy maintenance;

    2. Integrate the tension control and position control into dedicated servo drive to reduce the levels of electrical control, facilitate tension response and increase weft-replenishing precision;

    3.Humanized HMI interface integrated with parameter setup, monitoring and alarm functions; easy and convenient parameter setup;

    4. Real-time tension control, beam radius changes to adapt to parameter modification and enable more stable and precise tension control as well as fast protection against abnormal tension;

    5.Electronic let-off system is armed with stop compensation and startup compensation function which can set compensation parameters according to the cloth conditions to effectively overcome technical problems of stop gear;

    6. Able to stop the loom and display fault type to ensure safe application and fast diagnosis when system fault occurred;

    7.Open source software modification control, only simple setting based on different loom is needed for conducting high-performance weaving;

    8.Can be widely applied in various air jet loom, water jet loom and rapier loom.



    Main parameters

    Let-off servo drive

    Power: AC220V  50/60Hz; rated output power: 0.75KW

    Let-off servo motor

    Rated voltage: AC220V; rated current2.05A; rated torque2.4Nm;
    Max torque: 7.2Nm; rated speed: 3000rpm;


    6-bit 8-segment LED display; display cloth tension and system alarm in real time;

    Convenient shortcut combination to set and check more parameters; support manual mode;

    Main encoder

    Power input: DC5V; 720ppr;

    Tension sensor

    Input power: DC24V; output0.0~5.0V; range100kg; 300kg; 500kg; 1000kg; customizable;


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