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Motion Controller
MTC-420/620 Motion Controller
  • MTC-420/620 Motion Controller
  • MTC-420/620 Motion Controller
MTC-420/620 Motion Controller

MTC-42X/62X embedded motion controller integrates the embedded IPC with motion control card.

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  • l Support point control, line interpolation, two and three-dimensional circular interpolation, helical interpolation, constant linear velocity or constant angular velocity conics interpolation, Electronic gear and ECAM function (part of which are optional);

    l Following tool function;

    l Advanced interpolation algorithm: former ACC/DEC or post-ACC/DEC are optional;

    l Each axis’ manual pulse following function

    l Forward/backward kinematics conversion function is suitable for joint-type robot (optional);

    l Positioning proportional gain;

    l Positioning error permissible range;

    l Positioning confirmation, return stroke clearance, clearance compensation function;

    l Trapezoid/S-shape symmetric ACC/DEC curve, user defines ACC/DEC time of each axis;

    l Customized motion curve planning to fit special motion control requirement (optional);

    l Group function to realize sync/asynchronous motion of multi-axis;

    l Software/hardware travel protection;

    l Continuous speed, continuous path function;

    l Dynamic forced speed adjustment function;

    l Error message processing;

    l Position comparison output;

    l Encoder position latch;

    l Local IO management and motion delay function of buffer zone.

  • Model




    Dual-core 1.8GHz

    Operation system

    Windows XPE WinCELinux

    User storage space

    4G (8G optional)

    System memory


    Adopt chip-on-board 1GB 1GB Un-buffered Non-ECC DDR2 667MHZ memory (X16 1Gbit particle), excellent anti-seismic performance.

    Display function

    Support connection teaching machine, support connection to teaching machine (TB8TV-5), VGA, LVDS display

    Extension bus

    Provide three PCI-E X1 (one is on board, the other two is led out via connectors) LPC bus, can extend three MTC control card.

    On-board interface:

    One group of COM-EP board connector, six USB interfaces, one LVDS interface, two RS485 interfaces, one VGA interface, one TB interface, two RS232 interfaces and one RS422 interface.

    Extend IO interface: one RIO

    Four to six -10~+10V analog outputs, 16-bit precision (optional)

    Six -5~+5V analog collection, 14-bit precision (optional)

    Digital IO

    13 inputs and 5 outputs

    19 inputs and 7 outputs

    Number of controlled axes

    Four-axis pulse half-closed loop control (420)

    Four-axis analog full closed loop control (421)

    Six-axis pulse half-closed loop control (620);

    Six-axis analog full closed loop control (621)

    Pulse frequency and mode

    2Msupport P/DCW/CCWA/B

    Analog IO

    Four 16-bit outputs, six 14-bit collection (optional) (valid only for 421)

    Six 16-bit outputs, six 14-bit collection (optional). (valid only for 621)

    Hardware interruption

    83 interrupt source

    Hardware Latch and Trigger

    47 interrupt trigger

    Encoder input

    4, max four fold-frequency 8M

    6, max four fold-frequency 8M


    Natural cooling


    Controller power DC24V 5A, IO power DC5V 5A

    Working environment

    Temp: -2070; RH: 5%95% (non-condensation state);

    Storage environment 

    Temp: -4085; RH: 5%9% (non-condensation state);

    Note: See MTC-410 or MTC-610 for other hardware specifications

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