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Elevator Control System
Elevator Intelligent  Machine EC100
  • Elevator Intelligent  Machine EC100
Elevator Intelligent Machine EC100
EC100 elevator intelligent integrated machine is the network intelligent products integrating control and drive together, it adopts advanced frequency control technology, intelligent elevator control technology, network communications technology and committed to provide high-end, high-quality, energy saving, safe control drive equipment for the global market.
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  • 1. Integrated with synchronous and asynchronous encoder interfaces;

    2. Auto generation of N numbers of curves, auto identification of super short floor;

    3. Support commissioning via elevator car and mobile APP;

    4. Classified elevator fault management;

    5. Open PLC program for secondary development by users;

    6. Match with multiple kinds of encoders;

    7. Standard encoder interfaces support SIN/COS encoder, UVW encoder, ABZ incremental encoder, external encoder card and the encoder with EnDat interface

    Voltage class:

    1PH AC220V±15%

    32-bit processor;
  • The highest floor: 64

    Max speed: 6m/s

    Single elevator, parallel and group control, 8 elevators at most for group control, support destination floor

    Attachment: EC100 comprehensive technical parameter

    Configuration instruction

    For outline and installation dimensions, see the sample book

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