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Elevator Control System
Car Roof Control Board EC-CTB
  • Car Roof Control Board EC-CTB
Car Roof Control Board EC-CTB


Elevator car top board EC-CTB is the main control board of EC100, EC160 and EC300 elevator car and an important transfer station for signal collection and control signal output of EC100, EC160 and EC300 controllers. It consists of nine digital signal inputs, one analog voltage signal input, five relay NO signal outputs, one relay NO/NC signal output, two digital signal IO terminal used to communicate with command board EC-CCB and the terminal used for CAN communication with EC100, EC160, EC300 and elevator car display panel. It supports the RS232 communication mode used to communicate with upper PC.

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    1.CAN communication mode, support standard protocol and public protocol;

    2.Support RS485 communication and the connection between standard RS485 communication protocol and the third-party multi-media display/voice annunciator;

    3.Support RS232 communication

    4.Support analog weighing input and digital weighing modes

    5.Support floor control below 64th floor

    6.Arrival gong output;

    7.Lighting control for energy-saving purpose

    8.Dual-door control

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