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Elevator Control System
Control Panels EC-UCM
  • Control Panels EC-UCM
Control Panels EC-UCM

EC-UCM controller is mainly comprised of four safety relays J1, J2, J3 and TJ and carries five connection terminals P1~ P5. It adopts vertical plug structure and the spacing is 5.08mm. The detection device is three door area switches (plug board is 200mm in length).

This product is used for advance door-open, leveling at creeping speed and UCMP detection. It supports the wiring mode of door area switches with valid high/low level input and can satisfy UCMP detection plan of synchronous/asynchronous motor at the same time.

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    Product model

     EC-UCM V2.0

    Operating voltage


    Operating temp


    Environment humidity


    Salt mist environment


    Acceleration of peak impact value

    100gn, 100 times


    10Hz100Hz 50 times, 100Hz-10Hz 50 times

    Momentary pulse group interference


    Electrical clearance



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