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IT3000 Electric Traction System
ICT52-01 Type Traction Inverter
  • ICT52-01 Type Traction Inverter
ICT52-01 Type Traction Inverter

ICT52-01 traction inverter

The traction inverter is comprised of power unit, filter reactor, pre charging unit, cooling fan and traction control unit (DCU), it can convert DC into the three-phase AC with frequency and amplitude adjustable, thus drivingfour sets of traction motors. The main functions are traction and electric brake control, idle / slide protection control, train acceleration and deceleration impact limit protection, and fault diagnosis.

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  • l High power density;

    l Simple and reliable two level inverter circuit;

    l Transformer uses magnetic integration technology;

    l Mainstream 1C4M drive mode;

    l Vector control based on harmonic elimination;

    l Centralized layout and modular design;

    l Lightweight stainless steel box;

    l Variable frequency forced air cooling system.


  • Parameter name

    Parameter description

    Input voltage


    Rated output capacity

    1100 kVA

    Maximum output capacity

    2000 kVA

    Output voltage


    Output frequency


    Rated output current

    520 A

    Rated operating point efficiency


    Maximum switching frequency

    700 Hz

    Control mode

    Vector control

    Max brake current

    1153Avalid value

    1630Apeak value

    Brake chopper frequency


    Brake chopper current

    1115Apeak value

    Cooling method

    Variable frequency fan forced air cooling


    72dB(A)1m away

    Outline dimension L×W×H




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