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Elevator Control System
Goodrive300L Series Inverter Special for Elevator
  • Goodrive300L Series Inverter Special for Elevator
Goodrive300L Series Inverter Special for Elevator
Goodrive300L series inverters are the new-generation inverters developed based on CHV180 series inverters with Goodrive300 control platform. As using TI 28-series DSP and advanced vector control technology. Goodrive300L series inverters improved great achievements in security and reliability, control performance, and use functions.
  • Features
  • Specification parameter
  • Classic case
  • Data download
  • Safety
    (1)Safe Torque Off(STO)
    (2)Forced deceleration
    (3)Emergency running
    (4)Brake and contactor control
    (1)Starting torque compensation with weight sensors
    (2)Starting torque compensation without weight sensors
    (3)ACC/DEC S curve algorithm
    (4)Optimized ASR
    Ease of use
    (1)Ability to drive asynchronous and synchronous motors
    (2)Support open loop control mode without encoder and closed loop control mode with encoder
    (3)Static identification on the initial pole angle of a synchronous motor
    (4)Support multiple types of encoder
    (5)Energy-saving running mode
    (6)Monitor and control by upper computer software
    (7)Optional LCD keypad
  • Function


    Power input

    Input voltage(V)

    AC 1PH 220V(-15%)~240V


    AC 3PH 380V(-15%)~440V


    Input current(A)

    Refer to the rated value

    Input frequency(Hz)

    50Hz or 60Hz, allowed range: 47~63Hz

    Power output

    Output voltage(V)

    0-input voltage

    Output current(A)

    Refer to the rated value

    Output power(kW)

    Refer to the rated value

    Output frequency(Hz)


    Technical control

    Control mode

    V/F, sensorless vector control, and sensor-included vector control

    Motor type

    Asynchronous motor and permanent magnet synchronous motor

    Adjustable-speed ratio

    For open-loop vector control: 1:200

    For closed-loop vector control: 1:1500

    Speed control accuracy

    ±0.5%(open-loop vector); ±0.05%(closed-loop vector)

    Speed fluctuation

    ±0.3%(sensorless vector control)

    Torque response

    <20ms(sensorless vector control)

    Torque control accuracy

    10%(sensorless vector control)

    Starting torque

    0.3Hz/150%(asynchronous-motor sensorless vector control)

    0Hz/200%(sensor-included vector control)

    Overload capability

    150% of rated current: 1 minute

    180% of rated current: 10 seconds

    200% of rated current: 1 second

    Running control

    Frequency setting method

    Digital setting, analog setting, multi-step speed running setting, and MODBUS communication setting, which implement switching between setting channels

    Voltage auto-adjustment

    Constant voltage automatically kept when the grid voltage transients

    Fault protection

    More than 30 fault protection functions against faults such as overcurrent, overvoltage, undervoltage, overheating, phase loss and overload

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