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New Energy Vehicle
New Energy Vehicle
New Energy Vehicle
INVT provides various new energy vehicle products and services to meet customers’ models and technology demands. The products mainly include all kinds of motor controller, DC / DC converter, charging pile and various integrated controller products, which are used in new energy bus, Cargo Vans, sanitation vehicles, passenger cars and other new energy models to fulfill the corporate responsibility for building a green and harmonious society, and contribute to the global low-carbon environmental
  • Power System Assembly
    Power System Assembly
    The new energy automobile business is developed from a single electric control business to power assembly, motor, integrated controller, gearbox and charging products.
  • Main Motor Controller
    Main Motor Controller
    Main motor controller is mainly used for the new energy automobile generator and the control of the motor. It adopts high-performance closed-loop vector control algorithm and can be used to control the new energy vehicles of the asynchronous motor and permanent magnet synchronous motor, thus realizing the high efficiency and energy saving purpose, the controller efficiency can reach 98%.
  • Auxiliary Motor Controller
    Auxiliary Motor Controller
    The auxiliary motor controller is the controller developed especially for the steering pump, air pump, DC-DC function unit. It is integrated with V/F and high performance open loop vector control algorithms to control asynchronous motor and permanent magnet synchronous motor.
  • On-board Charger Power
    On-board Charger Power
    The rechargeable products are a series of products developed by INVT specifically for electric vehicles, including charging piles, DC-DC converters, vehicle-mounted charging machines, multi-in-one, etc. The product can be compatible with most electric cars and adapt to different models. INVT can provide professional charging product solutions for electric buses, logistics vehicles and electric vehicles of different power.
  • Charging Pile
    Charging Pile
    Charging-pile mainly includes DC and AC charging piles, AC charging piles are special for charging the small electric vehicle with on-board charger, and DC charging piles suit for the quick outdoor charging of electric vehicle, which can be compatible with majority of pure electric vehicles and suit for electric buses, electric vehicles with different models and different power.
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