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INVT realizes rail transit core parts localization
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In June 7, 2017, CCTV financial channel "time" and "the whole point of trade finance" to "independent innovation" the core components of domestic rail transit traction system of traffic, traffic INVT independent research and development of in-depth reports, INVT Traffic Technology Co. company general manager Yao Xiaojun accepted an interview with reporters cctv.

The following are the details of the report:

Urban rail industry ushered in a golden age, most of the components achieved localization, but there are still some core components rely on imports. In recent years, with the expansion of the market and technological accumulation, in addition to state-owned enterprises, some private enterprises have begun to climb high-end technology.


Here is the Guangzhou metro line eight red sand depot, the traction system of the oncoming train loading this is INVT independent research and development of the subway. If compared with the car, it is equivalent to the engine of the car, which is one of the most technically demanding systems in the metro vehicle. It was also a weak link of the manufacturing technology of rail transit equipment in the past. In this industry for more than 20 years Yao Xiaojun, just graduated from university to work in foreign rail enterprises, then he often acts as a foreign representative to participate in domestic metro tender, but his dream is from the beginning of that time.


General manager Yao Xiaojun Witten Traffic Technology Co Ltd:More than 10 years ago, at that time, China had tens of billions of traction market every year, all of which were foreign brands, and none of the Chinese enterprises did. I have on behalf of two foreign companies often participate in the competition, we walk together when some China often discuss this matter, but also very mixed feelings, are eager to see the China companies to participate in. "

Analysts pointed out that, now engaged in rail and rail transportation equipment manufacturing listed companies, almost all the coverage of the upper and lower reaches.


Deputy general manager of Shenzhen metro operation headquarters:"After more than ten years of efforts, now should be 90% or more, has reached the level of localization."

Insiders said that due to the transportation vehicle traction system is a high-tech threshold industry, the technical level and reliability requirements are very high, and the development process needs to pass very difficult certification and review. At the same time, the project investment is large, the return on investment is long, and the market is difficult after product research and development. For example, where to start the trial is a problem. These pain points and difficulties, leading to many enterprises dare not easily set foot. Experts suggest that, under the premise of ensuring safety, the government and industry associations should encourage more independent innovation at the institutional level.


Chen Suijiu, expert of China Urban Rail Transit Association:"One is a strict and well defined system. It's not a good product. It should be evaluated by professional committees and associations. The second step, in this foundation, must give the user who uses this product some support and the reward, thus can promote the new product sooner. "

About INVT traffic

Since the beginning of 2010, in response to the national call for independent innovation, in the national development and Reform Commission Industry Department and Chinese city rail transportation association long direct guidance, traffic started INVT rail transit traction system of independent research and development work. Over the past six years, the formation of knowledge system in the field of hundred traction rail transit; completed the independent third party (quality) type test; through the 5 review Chinese City Rail Transportation Association; through the three standard system certification and international welding design certification; the only access to the national security certification of the traction system the only product with the SIL security level. Traction system products in Guangzhou metro line eight passenger safe operation of 205 thousand kilometers, so far has not affected the operation of the fault, the reliability of similar products in the leading level.

By the end of 2015, our country industrial development and Reform Commission approved the INVT participate in market bidding qualifications. The company completed the test, test, simulation facility research and industrialization base, is currently the only real Zhongche group with independent intellectual property rights and research and development capabilities of the traction system suppliers.

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