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INVT independent rail transport traction system achieves first order breakthrough
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On September 2017, in the openbidding of Shenzhen metro 2th, 5th, 8th and 9th extension line vehicle electricsystem purchasing program, Shenzhen INVT traffic technique limited company wonthe bidding of Shenzhen metro 9th western extension line project metro vehicleelectric system program and achieved first order breakthrough.

This means that rail transithigh-end equipment independent research and development products have achieveda breakthrough in the market, and opened up the diversified innovativedevelopment of China rail transit core equipment, since then, the rail transittraction system has truly realized made in Shenzhen. Besides CRRC CorporationLimited, INVT became the only traction system supplier with 100% independentintellectual property rights, R & D capability and industrial capability inChina's rail transit market. It is also the only local enterprise withcontinuous research and development capability in Guangdong.

The traction system is equivalent to the heart of rail transit vehicle,which is one of the three key core technologies (traction, braking and signal)in the field of rail transit. It is the most high-end core equipment in therail transit system equipment. High value, large technical difficulty, highreliability requirements.

In Guangdong Province, railtransit industry cluster is gradually shaped; the current local enterprises inShenzhen can independently develop and produce a comprehensive monitoringsystem, automatic fare collection system, PSD system, communication systems.INVT traffic 100% independent intellectual property rights traction systemproducts enter into the rail transit market, which has filled the blank of railtransit high-end industry in Shenzhen City and Guangdong Province, and alsoinjected a new impetus to the diversification, sustained and healthydevelopment of China's rail transportation equipment manufacturing industry.

In the past seven years, INVT traffic craftsmen focuson one thing. Under the hard work of more than 100 engineers, more than 100rail transit traction system field knowledge achievements have passed the fivereviews organized by China Urban Rail Transit Association Technical EquipmentProfessional Committee (November 2012, the program review meeting; January2014, loading review meeting; May 2015, pre-passenger review meeting; December2015 Passenger Operations Assessment Review Conference and December 2015Technical Level and System Integration Capability Review Meeting)

Since2015, INVT rail traction system has been used in Guangzhou Metro Line 8, with thecumulative safe operation of nearly two years, mileage of 240,000 km, theadvanced technology, safety, reliability, comfort, energy saving and otherindicators rank the leading domestic level.

INVT rail transport tractionsystem has unique characteristics and technical advantages: traction adoptsvector control, and bring in the harmonic suppression strategy, the entire controlprocess is smooth and pulseless, effectively reducing the line loss andinterference; integrated layout has reduced the weight and greatly simplifiedthe cable connection in the car base;

Adopt forced air cooling, withlarge power margin, in the rated load of typical A subway, from 80 km speed tothe electric brake switching point, the electric brake can completely meet therequirements of common brake, it can also conduct the whole electric brake tozero speed, with the low noise value, improving the ride comfort of passengers;In addition, there are innovative features in user interface friendliness,interface scalability, wireless fault diagnosis, monitoring and maintenance.

Traction system is the powersource of electric drive equipment, it can also be widely used in trams,intercity trains, motor vehicles, high-speed rail, mining equipment, heavy roadvehicles, ships, military weapons and equipment in the next three decades ofsustained high-speed development Industry, with a broad application prospects.

The future, INVT will continuein-depth independent research and development, and continuously improve thetechnical level and high-end equipment manufacturing capacity, continue toimplement the "Made in China 2025" spirit, to achieve the conversionof made in China to created in China, China speed to Chinaquality, China products to China brand.

About INVT Transportation: ShenzhenCity INVT Transportation Technology Co., Ltd, a subsidiary of A-share listedcompany Shenzhen INVT Electric Co., Ltd, was established in 2010, in responseto the call of national independent innovation, under the guidance and support ofNational Development and Reform Commission industry department and the ChinaUrban Rail Transit Association, it has launched the work of a completelyindependent research and development of rail transit vehicle core system. INVTtraffic has become the traction system suppliers in China's rail transit marketin addition to CRRC Corporation Limited with truly 100% independentintellectual property rights, research and development capabilities andindustrialization ability. At present, INVT already has the annual deliverycapacity of 1,000 rail transit vehicle traction system.

Aboutthe Shenzhen Metro Line 9 West extension line: from Nanshan District MangroveBay South Station, and finally to Nanshan District Hanghai Road Station. Startfrom the 9th line and the 9th line western extension section line, from LuohuDistrict, Wenjin Station, and finally to Nanshan District Hanghai Road Station.Full length of 36.03km, the whole line adopts underground laying with a totalof 32 stations.

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