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Application of INVT Servo DB100 Series in Double Servo Nailer Machine
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Key words: INVT DB100 servo precision positioning high-speed response customer's recognition 

1. Project background
In modern life, every goods, regardless of the size, must be packaged, packaging needs cartons, although the country has released relevant provisions specific to the packaging, there are still great demands to products packaging in our life. 
Nailer machine is the last process equipment of cartons manufacture. It is mainly used for single-piece corrugated board molding and suits for multi-variety, different batches production requirements. It is suitable for food, cotton and other export products packaging requirements and is the idle carton production equipment.

The machine has many advantages, such as high production efficiency, low labor intensity, simple operation, stable performance and reliable operation. And it is the necessary equipment for packaging carton industry.


4. Project plan
4.1 Introduction to technology
Double servo nailer machine, first manually put the carton on a platform, and then take a carton into the track each time, carton triggers the sensor, paper feeding servo drags the rubber roller to press the carton and then measure the length motor passes by, There will be a pause while pressing the roller, after reaching the position, the servo controlling the nail starts to nail, Nail head back to origin after kicking a position, paper feeding servo continues to send paper and nail until finishing the setting number, The process requires fast response of servo. Greater torque is required for thicker carton.


4.2 Key components of equipment

Figure 3 Feeding servo control section

Figure 4 nailing servo control section

4.3 Electronic control topology and configuration

INVT DB100 servo drive


2 sets

INVT DB100 servo motor


2 sets

INVT plc

40 points

1 set

INVT touch screen

7 inch

1 set

Chart 5

4.4 Electrical wiring and parameter adjustment

Chart 6



Setting value

Parameter content



Internal torque limit



The pulse input direction is reversed



First electron gear molecules



First electronic gear denominator



Moment of inertia ratio



Mechanical rigidity



Speed feedforward gain



Pulse tolerance



Brake overload detection enable signal

5. Comparison of old and new projects
5.1 Old equipment:
# Traditional brake clutch has high failure rate
# Pitch of nails of feeding crank rocker mechanism is limited and unstable

# Adjust the mechanical structure when meeting cartons with different thickness
# Installation will waste time and effort 

5.2 New equipment
# Accuracy improved: stable pitch of nails 
# Low failure rate: completely solve the failure problem of clutch 
# Easy to install: appropriate nail length can be gained after changing the thickness of cutter 
# Easy maintenance: simple structure, easy after-sales maintenance

6. Servo common problems and handling
Er-bce brake overload
External braking resistor is required, shielding the P4.34 = 0 brake overload alarm. 
Er-oL overload
Short-time running is ok, but long-time continuous running will be overloaded, after monitoring r15Ld average load rate, we find that it is constantly accumulated and will alarm until 115, under the premise of not replacing high-power servo or not affecting the efficiency, adjusting P0. 12 can avoid alarming, monitoring r15Ld is about 85.

Note: debugging process may encounter the problem of inaccurate positioning; it is possible that after-sales customers will also reflect the problem in usage, it’s mainly caused by slipping of paper feeding rubber wheel. Customers should adjust the pressure at this time.

7. Summary of the program
Through the usage of DB100 AC servo system, the accuracy has been improved a lot compared with the traditional positioning methods, which has solved constantly changing of clutch and other maintenance issues caused by mechanical losses generated by original clutch control, achieving a high energy saving effect. At the same time, the servo is high response and large torque, which has greatly improved the efficiency of nailer machine and helps customers to create value.

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