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Application of Goodrive5000 Series High Voltage Inverter in Heating Network Circulating Water Pump
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Project Overview
In Mishan, Heilongjiang Province, the thermal power plant of a thermal power company is mainly used for central heating supply of local residents, the enterprise’s phase II heat source of heating supply will be expanded, the main network of expansion takes # 3 and # 4 hot supply network circulating pump (10kV / 560kW) as a transmission power. The stability of heating network in heating system mainly depends on the boiler, heating network circulation system and the pipeline, and the main function of heating network circulation system is to ensure the stable water circulation and constant pressure, that is controlling the water level to achieve safe operation. Adjust the water amount when the heating capacity changes, in fact, pressure loss can reduce the flow of water, if only adjusting the outlet door of circulating pump but not changing the output of motor, it will result in a lot of energy waste. After a detailed analysis of technical engineers and the company leader's multi-party trade-off, our high-voltage inverter is ultimately used as speed control program. 


Energy-saving benefit

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measurement and calculation results

Circulating pumps #3

Running state of industrial frequency

Average Current ( a )


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