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Application of High Voltage Variable Frequency Speed Control System in Gas Pressure Fan Project Overview
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In the coking process of a coal chemical enterprise of Shaanxi Haotian Group, the gas pressure fan (Roots blower) is driven by a 10kV / 315kW motor, because the gas contains tar, the fan will be adhered with a lot of tar after a long time running with a larger drag torque, and the excess air volume is adjusted by the return valve with serious energy waste. 

Schematic diagram

Benefits analysis
Obvious energy saving effect, saving power rate reaches nearly 25%; 
Motor achieves soft start, without impact on the power grid;
The large torque and low frequency of inverter can meet the heavy load start of roots blower;

Reduced equipment wear, extended lifetime, reduced noise, improved working environment.

The system power factor and degree of automation have been significantly improved.

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