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Application of INVT Synchronous Servo Spindle Motor in High Speed Drilling Machine
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1. Abstract: high-speed drilling

2. Key words: synchronous servo spindle motor

3. Text:
INVT synchronous servo spindle motor is suitable for high-speed drilling, carving milling processing, which can meet the 3C, profiles, metal processing industry customer demands and solve the high-speed machine tool problems, improving the machine tool efficiency.

Excellent speed synchronization characteristics of spindle motor, combined with a dedicated servo drive can make the processing efficiency reach the two times more than the one of the mainstream small vertical machining center, drilling and milling center in the domestic market. The usage of high-speed liquid-cooled spindle motor has perfectly combined drilling and milling center with the carving and milling machine together.

0rpm accelerates to 18000rpm, needed time is 0.385s

Highest 24000rpm, fast acceleration and deceleration;

liquid-cooled motor, suitable for long-term usage;
7000rpm rigid tapping;
4. Conclusion: to achieve fast acceleration and improve machine efficiency

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