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Application of INVT Synchronous Spindle Motor in CNC Lathe
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1. Abstract: Low speed and large torque cutting
2. Keyword: Synchronous spindle motor
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CNC lathe and CNC turning center is an important branch of CNC machine tools, among which CNC turning center is a combination functional equipment of composite milling machine, such machine tools integrate milling, boring, drilling, reaming together and is the preferred device of complex rotary parts processing. CNC lathes and CNC milling composite center adopting INVT rare earth permanent magnet servo synchronous motor have the following advantages:
3.1Low speed large torque, strong turning
3.2Equipped with CS, CF control function
3.3Good speed stability

3.4Rapid acceleration and deceleration to enhance the processing accuracy and efficiency

3.5Reduce the cost of high-end turning equipment

Rare earth permanent magnet synchronous spindle, spindle motor compared with asynchronous servo products:
Low-speed larger torque, harder electrical rigid, faster start and stop response. 
Performance and efficiency are greatly improved; the excellent speed synchronization characteristics of rare earth permanent magnet synchronous spindle and spindle motor, combined with a dedicated servo drive, optimized control program, can greatly enhance the processing efficiency of CNC system.
CNC turning center performance is same to the imported mainstream products, but the cost is significantly reduced.
4. Conclusion: to enhance the performance of CNC lathes and CNC turning center

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