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Solar Living Water System Case - INVT GD100-PV Series Inverter
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Abstract: This paper mainly presents INVT GD100-PV series inverter used for solar living water system. It introduces the structure, control principle and commissioning process of the solar living water system. Also introduces the booster module which can save cost for users. Engineering practice shows that GD100-PV and booster module are cost-effective solution for living water system.
Keywords: INVT, Solar pump, GD100-PV, MPPT, Booster module

1. Introduction
Solar pump system uses the inexhaustible solar energy resources, no pollution. This technology has a wide application prospect in remote areas with less water and less electricity.
In this system, pump controller is a critical part which can transfer DC power from PV panels to AC power to drive the various AC motors.
GD100-PV series pump controller has the following features and advantages:
● MPPT based controller with dual power source: Solar panel DC power & Grid AC power;
Suitable for BLDC, PM motor, single phase motor;
Suitable for surface mount and submersible pumps with 3 phase induction motor;
All day Run-Stop-Restart management with various self-protection features;
Pump control function: water level control, dry run protection, lower sunshine protection;
Boost module saving panel cost;
Easy to install and commissioning, no need other controller.

2, Configuration of living water system
Normally, there are five major parts in living water system: solar array, electrical control cabinet, water pump, motor, water storage device. The system schematic diagram is as below:
Living water system schematic diagram
Solar array as a power supply can transfer the solar energy to DC power. The controller converter the DC power to AC power, output to motor pump set for pumping the underground water out.
For 2.2kW and below system, booster module is recommended, due to less array numbers, can’t meet the controller input voltage demand.

3, GD100-PV solution for living water system
3.1 Application details and system configuration:
There are 12nos 100W, Voc 20V solar arrays at site. And the pump is single phase 0.75kW, 2880, 50Hz, 220V, 4.5A.
Due to single phase pump, select single phase pump controller GD100-0R7G-SS2-PV, and due to low solar array output DC voltage, select boost module PP100-3R2-PV. The system configuration diagram is as below.
System configuration diagram


GD100-PV panel and site pictures
3.2 System commissioning    
Step1: Connect the motor cable. Directly connect L and N to U and W, or remove the capacitors connect as per the below diagram.
Single phase motor cable connection
Step2: Restore the factory setting, and set the motor nameplate parameters;
Step3: Motor direction test. Set the running frequency 10Hz, run the motor. Monitor the water flow. If the water flow is small, change the motor cable to change the direction;
Step4: Set the special function of solar pump control, such as: enable solar pump function, lower sunshine protection, and lower load protection.
Step5, Set the parameters for normal running, such as: terminal control, running when power on and fault reset function.
Parameters list is as follows:






Function restore parameter

1: Restore the factory setting



Rated power




Rated frequency




Rated speed




Rated voltage




Rated current




Solar pump function selection

0Disable;  1Enable



PID output lower limit

0.0%~P15.04(100.0%  corresponding to P0.03)



Adjustment of upper and lower limit time of Vmppt




PV input and power frequency

input selection

0: Automatic shift

1: Power frequency input

2: PV input



Threshold to switch to power frequency input




Threshold to switch to PV input



3.3 Advantages

Boost module saving panel cost.

Auto-shifting between solar power and AC grid power.
Easy to install and commissioning, boost module can automatically identify the inverter type.

4, Conclusion
After commissioning, the system can met the requirement of the living water supply, and all the protection functions are operating normally. The customer is very satisfied.
INVT GD100-PV series MPPT based solar pump controller is very easy to install and commissioning and the performance is excellent. It’s worthy to promote.

[1] Operation Manual of GD100-PV series inverter special for PV water pump
Shenzhen INVT Electric Co., Ltd.
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