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J220E Injection Molding Machine in JSW - MH500 Hydraulic Servo
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Abstract: Global Mesindo offices are in Jakarta and Surabaya – Indonesia and have distributed any plastic machineries since 1999. It mainly sells Japanese, Taiwanese and Chinese plastic machineries and  auxiliaries such as injection molding, blow molding, pelletizing line, extrusion blow, PET blow molding, inject blow molding, robot, mixer, crusher, dryer loader, MTC and etc. Besides new machines, it also sells used (reconditioned) Japanese injection molding, blow molding and inject-blow molding machines such as Toshiba, Nissei, JSW, Niigata, Kawaguchi, Mitshubishi, Tahara, Placo, AOKI and etc. With INVT servo hydraulic system, the precision is higher, energy-saving effect more apparent.

Keywords: Injection molding machine, Hydraulic Servo,MH500.

1. Project introduction
JSW - J220E injection molding machine hydraulic servo energy-saving renovation:

Original Configuration

Motor rated speed

1180 rpm



Pump type


Pump delivery


System flow

190 L/min

System pressure

140 bar

Servo Hydraulic

Sumitomo pump


Drive type


Servo motor type




2.System schematic diagram:

3. Project features and advantages
1) Power saving
Remarkable power saving ability, high advanced motor control automatically adapt to plastic process, compared to induction motor, servo saving power cost about 70%.
2) More accurate
With pressure and flow rate PID feedback system, the close loop system can be more accurate control process, raise plastic products and mold accuracy 2%.
3) High Efficiency
Servo has more than 3 times of sudden overload ability 2500 r/m speed, compare to normal induction motor, same condition reduce process time 15%
4) More working life
Servo system reduce impact, increase system working life time 20%
4.Typical application

Hydraulic servo installation drawing

Pressure and flow rate for a given signal wiring diagram

The hydraulic circuit principle diagram
The wiring diagram:

Debugging and parameter Settings
1) According to the wiring diagram 4.1 connection cables;
2) Cooperate with computer injection molding machine, calibration of the hydraulic system of zero pressure, pressure on full scale, zero flow, flow full scale;
3) Test the machine pressure and machine movement;
4) Injection molding machine mold trial production.

MH500 Hydraulic servo system operation manual.
INVT Kinway servo application on injection molding machine.
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